Sentinel Battery Powered Carbon Monoxide Alarm

SKU 129419

Battery operated carbon monoxide alarm utilizes sophisticated electronic components to protect you and your family from the dangers of carbon monoxide. This alarm includes a slide-out battery door that gives immediate access to the batteries and a safety feature that makes it difficult to close the door without the batteries being installed. Inside cover of battery door features quick reference guide for what to do in case of an alarm. This easy-to-install alarm is suitable for all living areas and has a 10-year life and a 10-year limited warranty.

  • Battery operated (2AAs included) provides protection during power outage
  • Low battery hush - silences low battery chirp warning for up to 12-hour in order to maintain protection without having to replace the batteries at an inconvenient time
  • Battery lockout system deters covering battery compartment without installation of batteries
  • Test/reset button tests the unit for proper operation resets the carbon monoxide alarm
  • Carbon monoxide detector utilizes an electrochemical sensor to detect fire hazards and sounds an 85 db alarm when a hazard is detected

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